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Advanced Scratch

Block programming language is a good introduction for young minds to understanding programming. **Recommended class for 3rd Grade and Up Students.

Advanced – MindStorms

LEGO MindStorms has transformed the way kids are introduced to the wonderful world of robotics., and has become the de-facto standard to get introduced to competitions.

Fun with Scratch

Students while learning the basic foundation of programming, will have fun in creating their own games.

Python Turtles

Turtle graphics is a remarkable way to introduce programming and computers to kids and others with zero interest and is fun. Shapes, figures and other pictures are produced on a virtual canvas using the method Python turtle. Turtle created on the console or a window of display (canvas like) which is used to draw is actually a pen (virtual kind). Turtle backward function and turtle up, down, left right and other functions are used to move the turtle along the canvas to draw patterns along its motion.

AP Physics C – Mechanics

This course introduces an hands-on and inquiry based approach to Mechanics. using a Simulated Robotic medium.

Advanced Python

Python is a programming language that provides real skills for the future. It is used to develop software and apps in a variety of settings. Many computer programmers enjoy using python because it is easy to read and accessible even to beginners. **Recommended class for 6th Grade and Up Students.

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